Worksite Benefits

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Effective Strategies to Help Employers Bolster Their Benefit Portfolio

For businesses of any size there is a custom solution of voluntary benefits that can supplement your core benefit program, providing additional coverage and protection, tailored to the specific needs and demographics of your firm’s workforce.

The Advantage

The advantage of worksite benefits is that employers are able to provide additional benefits to their employees with little or no cost to the business. Your team can select from a portfolio of products to supplement their traditional medical, dental, vision, life and disability programs that make up the employer’s core benefit package.

With the wide variety of voluntary products available in the marketplace, a properly designed worksite benefit portfolio should provide everyone the option to enhance their personal and/or family benefit package to cover their specific needs at a reasonable cost.

How Voluntary Benefit Programs Benefit The Employer

H&H Insurance: Your Guide

A worksite insurance plan can be a good option for employers who are looking for a more affordable and flexible health insurance plan. H&H Insurance Solutions will help you every step of the way with our experienced team. We will walk you through your options, considering your unique business and employee needs and budget. We’ll compare plans from leading carriers to find the one that offers the best coverage at the most competitive rate.

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