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The Benefits of Short-Term Medical Insurance

Short-Term Insurance can give you and your family protection for a certain period of time. These plans are designed to offer temporary coverage while you are waiting for employer paid benefits to start, need extra coverage while traveling or even if you are young and healthy and just looking for something a little more affordable than traditional health insurance!

Changing jobs? Recently lost employment? Are you still in your waiting period with your new employer? Young, Active and Healthy? Just want Catastrophic Coverage for the unexpected? Short-Term is exactly what you need!

There are some important things to consider when looking into short-term insurance. These policies may not offer coverage for pre-existing conditions, prescription medications or preventative care. These plans are typically only used to offer financial protection for unexpected, catastrophic events.

These plans only offer a specific benefit amount. For example, you may only have up to $1,000,000 worth of total policy coverage for 365 days whereas with traditional healthcare coverage, there is not a cap on your benefit amount.

It’s important to know that short-term plans can require applicants to answer health related questions for the underwriting team. Your coverage could be denied or your monthly premiums could be increased based on the overall health of the applicant. Lastly, these plans are not ACA-compliant. Meaning, you could have restricted benefits and there is not a guarantee of coverage of essential benefits.

H&H Insurance Solutions will help answer all questions, explain all the details, and find the right policy that fits your unique needs.

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