Medicare Part D Enrollment Begins on November 15th

Medicare Part D Enrollment starts soon, here are a few import details you should know even if you don’t take prescription drugs now.

Medicare Supplement Insurance helps cover some costs not paid by original Medicare Part A and B, such as copayments, deductibles, and coinsurance. First it is important to know that Part D is prescription drug coverage is only offered to those with Medicare Part A & B. The Part D plan will consist of a monthly premium, a drug deductible and copays at your pharmacy. Each plan varies in monthly premium, deductibles, and copays.

There are many different Medicare supplement plans available, so it’s important to compare plans and choose one that meets your individual needs and budget. 

Here are some of the benefits of having a Medicare Supplement plan:

* You can save money on out-of-pocket costs.

* You can have more peace of mind knowing that you’re covered for unexpected medical expenses.

* You can get access to a wider network of providers.

Even if you don’t take prescription drugs now, we encourage you to consider enrolling in Medicare drug coverage to avoid the late enrollment penalty. This penalty will stick with you for as long as you have Medicare.

How to obtain a Medicare Part D plan.

There are a two ways to enroll in a Medicare Part D plan. We know it can be very difficult to understand all the options and regulations, but we will assist you in comparing plans and help however we can in making the best decisions.

Option 1 – Directly purchase a Medicare prescription drug plan (also known as a PDP plan).
Option 2 – Purchase a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C).

It is important to know that prescription drug coverage is included in Medicare Advantage plans but not included with Medicare Supplements Plans!

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