Medicare Supplement

Confused About Your Medicare Options?

Medicare can be complicated. Let H&H Insurance solutions cut through the clutter and simplify the process for you – making your options easier to understand.

If you are not currently enrolled in Medicare but will be eligible soon, our Agents can also help you understand your options and make the best choices for your health care needs. Advisors can help you understand eligibility requirements, choose the right coverage, and enroll in Medicare benefits.
Medicare Supplement

A Few Definitions Before We Get Started...

Medicare Part A: Covers inpatient hospital care, skilled nursing facility care and Hospice. Part A can start when you turn 65. There is no monthly premium as long as you have worked long enough to meet your required Medicare Hours.

Medicare Part B: Covers medically necessary services or supplies. For example doctor charges and outpatient services. You must actively enroll in Part B to be covered. The monthly premium averages around $144.00 per month for most individuals.
(Your premium may be higher depending on your income.)

Medicare Supplement Plans: optional insurance plans that cover what Medicare Parts A and B do not, such as copays, deductibles, and excess charges. There are 12 different plans available, lettered A – M, each covering a different set of expenses. Monthly premiums vary according to your age, zip code, tobacco use, gender, and which company is providing the coverage.
The average monthly premiums range between $80 to $180 per person, and your out-of-pocket medical expenses are generally significantly reduced.

Medicare Part D (Prescriptions): optional insurance plans that cover prescription medications.

Advantage Plans: An alternative to traditional Medicare Parts A and B offered by private insurance companies. An Advantage plan, also called Medicare Part C, replaces Medicare Parts A and B. Most are an HMO or PPO. In general, your monthly premium is low, but if you choose to use an out-of-network provider, your co-pays will be higher and will not count towards your in-network annual out-of-pocket maximums.

*Data based on 2023 Georgia benefits*
Medicare Advantage Medicare Supplement
Monthly Premium Cost Usually $0 per month for many 2023 plans (up to around $100 per month) Around $125-$155 per month (Age 65, Male, Plan G) Around $110-$140 per month (Age 65, Female, Plan G)
Copayments Yes (Ex. $0-Primary Doctor, $35- Specialist, $95-ER, $300-Days 1-5 Inpatient Hospital Stay and $0-Days 8-90 and beyond etc.) Usually $0 after you have met the Medicare Part B Deductible (currently $226 annually) with Medicare Supplement Plan G (very popular plan).
Hospital/Doctor Network Yes, usually a network of doctors and hospitals. No Network, use any doctor or hospital that takes Medicare.
Prescription Drug Coverage Yes, Usually included in plan. No, available as a separate plan.
Dental Cleanings and Eye Glasses Yes, coverage usually included No, not included
Gym Membership Yes, gym membership usually included Sometimes included, but not often
Hearing aids Yes, coverage usually included No, not included